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NEW YORK — With New York City’s kids at home now due to COVID-19 school closures, teachers are starting to do virtual lessons with them, so they can still learn from home.

Zoe-Raiyne, 5, is at home, but in school.

Tuesday, she got her learning packets and pencils and listened and communicated with her teachers thru the family TV, using video-conferencing technology. It’s called home-distance learning.

“We wake up make her breakfast shower put on her school shirt but instead of leaving the house she sits down and we set up the zoom call and she’s there with her classmates,” said her dad Edgar Plummer from his Bronx home.

His wife, Alexandria, added, “if she has an answer or a question, we hit a button to raise our hand.”

According to her parents, who are both now working from home, the staff at Bronx Charter School for the Arts, where their daughter attends, has been preparing these virtual lesson plans for weeks.

“She actually has art class and dance class yoga. It’s a full out day — what they would be doing in school she’s doing there,” said her mom.

But it does have its challenges beyond the books and in-class social interaction.

“I’m suppose to work from home as well but it’s hard to do by work when I have to assist her through her entire school day,” said her dad.

Still, with all of the COVID-19 anxiety and fears spreading faster than the virus itself, Zoe-Raiyne’s parents say there is some good coming out of all of this.

“Now it’s a way to really-connect and get in touch. The things you would miss on a daily basis you’re there for. I think it’s one of the greatest blessings that can come out of this.”

Zoe-Raiyne is in a charter school.As for NYC public school students, teachers are working on remote-learning plans for them. Parents are encouraged to get a NYC schools account.