NEW YORK (PIX11) — Areas north of New York City were forecast to have their first snow of the season Tuesday, but once snow comes to the five boroughs later in the year, students will not get snow days.

The Department of Education policy is for students to participate in remote learning on days when school buildings are closed due to an emergency.

“On ‘Snow days’ or days when school buildings are closed due to an emergency, all students and families should plan on participating in remote learning,” the DOE website reads.

The city used to build at least one snow day into the year’s academic calendar, but then the pandemic hit. Plans for getting rid of snow days were first announced back in 2020. Students also had remote learning “snow days” in the following academic year.

In 2021, then Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter explained the experience of having kids participating in remote learning taught the DOE a lot. Education Department spokesman Nathaniel Styer previously told PIX11 the DOE wanted “to maximize our students’ instructional time.”