THE BRONX, N.Y. (PIX11) — Rats are taking over the Patterson Houses NYCHA complex in the Bronx.  

You can see them coming in and out of the garbage, even holding the lid open for others. They are almost 2 feet long. 

Some families in the Bronx say that when it gets dark, rats take over their neighborhood. A resident recorded a Facebook video of a feeding frenzy at night, just feet away from the front door of the building.  

Junior Castro said the video shows why when he walks out his front door every night, even sometimes during the day, he is on guard. Some of Castro’s neighbors told PIX11 News they also live in fear.  

Castro showed PIX11 News the source of the problem. Gigantic holes are just feet away from the front door. Castro said the sidewalk has become a highway of rodents at night heading from their homes to the trash cans. Castro also said garbage cans are often left open, creating an evening buffet for rats. 

Previously, PIX11 News was at the Patterson Houses in April 2019. Clarissa Alayeto captured a cellphone video of a rat infestation near a playground. At one point you hear people screaming.  

Now, Castro says the problem is back. He said construction, residents throwing trash on the sidewalk, and open trash containers have aggravated the situation. 

A NYCHA spokesperson said: “NYCHA has made progress addressing a significant increase in the rodent population at Patterson Houses and is continuing to target areas of increased infestation. We ask that residents help by placing trash down chutes or in garbage cans with the lids closed to reduce attraction of pests. Residents in need are encouraged to call the Customer Contact Center at 718-707-7771.” 

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