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NEW YORK — The remnants of Hurricane Ida blew through the mid-Atlantic states Wednesday with at least two tornadoes, heavy winds and drenching rains that collapsed the roof of a U.S. Postal Service building, left cars and roads underwater and sent garbage floating through the streets of New York.

The National Weather Service recorded 3.15 inches of rain in New York’s Central Park in one hour, far surpassing the 1.94 inches that fell in one hour during Tropical Storm Henri on the night of Aug. 21, which was believed at the time to be the most ever recorded in the park.

Rainfall totals by Thursday morning were:

  • Newark: 8.41 inches
  • Central Park: 8.13 inches
  • LaGuardia: 6.8 inches
  • Bridgeport: 5.77 inches
  • JFK: 2.56 inches
  • Islip: 1.53 inches