QUEENS (PIX11) — The widow of the accused Queens “duck sauce killer” will stand trial for allegedly stashing guns in her apartment, a judge ruled Wednesday. 

Dorothy Hirsch, 62, had motioned to dismiss the indictment filed against her after Glenn Hirsch, her husband, took his own life in August of 2022. Glenn Hirsch had been arrested on murder charges for the fatal shooting of delivery worker Zhiwen Yan

During the investigation into Hirsch, police found eight firearms in a closet in a Queens apartment owned by the 62-year-old woman, officials said. She does not have a permit or registration to legally own any of the firearms. 

Her lawyer, Mark Bederow, said everything in the closet belonged to Glenn Hirsch and Dorothy Hirsch did not know the guns were there. He called out the District Attorney’s Office for its prosecution of the Queens woman “ solely because she had the misfortune of being married to Glenn Hirsch.”

“I think the evidence is overwhelming that she did not knowingly possess these items and I think what the Queens DA is doing to her is disgraceful,” Bederow said. 

The judge’s ruling upset Dorothy Hirsch, Bederow said. He said he was  disappointed. 

“But I’m not troubled in the sense that we look forward to trying the case and having her swiftly acquitted because she is not guilty of knowingly possessing Glenn Hirsch’s firearms,” he said.