Who killed Orsolya Gaal? Probe into death of mom found in duffel bag continues

FOREST HILLS, Queens (PIX11) — The NYPD on Wednesday continued to search for the person who killed Orsolya Gaal, a Queens mother of two teens who was found dead in a duffel bag last weekend.

The NYPD offered a $3,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. The question of who killed Gaal — and why — remains unanswered but police sources told PIX11 News on Wednesday they’re investigating several people of interest, including a handyman who had done work at the home and knew where a spare key was.

Meanwhile, investigators said they have a clearer picture of what happened in the hours before her death. According to law enforcement sources, Gaal attended a show Friday night at Lincoln Center. After, she spent about 45 minutes waiting at a bar for someone who did not show up.

Gaal ordered her usual at the Forest Hills Station House, a bartender there said. She didn’t seem frightened or scared. The mom had one drink before she left.

The bartender said Gaal was a “composed, classy, sweet lady.” She was a regular at the bar. Gaal always came in alone and had one or two Moscow Mules.

Investigators said Gaal eventually returned to her home on Juno Street in Forest Hills, where she was stabbed nearly 60 times. There were signs of defensive wounds on her hands. The killer put her body in a duffel bag and dumped it a half-mile away near Forest Park.

The suspect also sent a chilling text to Gaal’s husband, who was out of town at the time, threatening to kill his whole family, sources told PIX11 News. The husband is cooperating with police and has turned over his cellphone, sources said. It appears Gaal knew her killer because investigators said there were no signs of forced entry at the home. 

Surveillance video obtained by PIX11 News shows someone pulling a duffel bag down Juno Street Saturday. PIX11 is not showing the footage but shared an image of the suspect with the bag. Police said a trail of blood from the bag led officers to Gaal’s home. 

Law enforcement sources said the suspect left behind a piece of evidence at Gaal’s home. They’re hoping it will lead them to the killer.