QUEENS (PIX11) — Two moms both delivered triplets — all girls — at Jamaica Hospital in Queens just a few days apart.

The children, who were naturally conceived, were all born prematurely, doctors said. Doctors said the chance of having triplets naturally is one in 10,000, so they were surprised to have both these moms in their maternity ward at the same time.

“I’ve been an OBGYN for 20 years and delivered multiple pregnancies – only four sets of triplets though,” said Dr. Ugochi Akoma, director of Perinatal Diagnostic Testing Centers & OB Quality Improvement.

Moms Luz Cruz and Yazmin Hoyos met during their high-risk pregnancies and remained friends. Their daughters are home now after time in the NICU. The triumphant triplets, as their doctors call them, get to play dress up together and have playdates.

Cruz, of Queens, delivered Alma, Celeste, and Sol. Hoyos, of Brooklyn, delivered Akoma, Arlet and Eliette; she named one of her daughters after Dr. Akoma.

“I ask God and I talk to God, ‘if you gave me the blessing, give me the strength, patience and let me give them the love they deserve,'” Hoyos said through a translator.

Doctors said they’ll monitor all six girls for a year to make sure they stay healthy.