EAST ELMHURST, Queens (PIX11) — In New York City, speed enforcement cameras are turned on between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. at 750 locations within a quarter-mile of schools.

City leaders have been pushing for a change to 24/7 operation and a number of other street safety bills.

One would lower the speed limit on city streets. New York lawmakers set up the initial speed camera program and by law, they’re required to extend it.

New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez went to Albany on Tuesday to speak with legislators.

“Having 60,000 crashes is too much. This is an epidemic hitting our society. We need to use all the tools to reduce crashes and speed cameras are one tool,” he said.

It has been a deadly year already on roads around the city. Sources said there’s initial support to extend the operation of cameras and allow the city to place them in areas with traffic crashes.

Queens resident Paul Graziano said he thinks more enforcement from police would help.

“What we’ve seen over six years, as more cameras go up, is increased ticketing,” he said.

Tickets from cameras are a $50 fine. There are no points on the driver’s license or insurance, as happens with a traffic citation issued by an officer.

Increased penalties for repeat offenders was also discussed.

New legislation is being worked on to organize the plans. The legislature is set to be in session through June 2.