WOODHAVEN, Queens (PIX11) — New York neighborhoods are filled with options for shopping and eating.

It’s all about spreading the word. Businesses along the busy central corridor in Woodhaven, Queens, hope you’ll stop by for the summer or on the way home.

The stretch runs about 30 blocks along Jamaica Avenue, and the Woodhaven Business Improvement District (BID) works with owners to hold seminars, create campaigns, create a clean streetscape, and identify customer concerns. 

Start at the local hardware store if you’re looking for some of the keys to success.

Jack Moy is the owner of M.M. Housewares and Hardware. He’s known as the go-to expert on many topics.

“I like the people and the neighborhood. Everybody knows me. They come here with problems, from personal to home. We can help,” Moy said.

Ronnie James, a neighbor and regular customer along Jamaica Avenue, said he shops locally.

“I see it all over the city. Some of our favorite places shut down. They can’t survive because of rents and people not shopping during these times,” James said.

Customers said the local shop helps spread a sense of gratitude and familiarity.

The Chen’s have the Family Mini Market on the corner of 76th Street.

For this spring and summer, they add flowers for sale to spruce up Jamaica Avenue in the Woodhaven neighborhood.

Businesses can always be better.

“We have to try to make it work as a family atmosphere,” said Ms. Chen.

Like many BIDS across the city, they’re a resource for local owners and coordinate with agencies.

Woodhaven BID just released a commercial district needs assessment for the corridor.