JACKSON HEIGHTS, Queens (PIX11) — The music was pumping and the crowd was festive at the pride parade in Jackson Heights, Queens, on Sunday as a sea of rainbow flags lined 37th Avenue.

“Just to be out here with all these people enjoying, having a good time. It’s just amazing all this energy, all this power that you feel,” said paradegoer Henry Rosales.

People of all ages, and even their pets, took in the sights and sounds at the annual celebration, which marked its 31st anniversary. Some paradegoers have been front and center since they were kids and now pass the tradition on to their children, like Allison Reed and their 3-year-old son David. Reed wants him to learn about diversity and inclusion.

“That everyone is beautiful, and everyone deserves love, and everyone should be who they are,” said Reed.

Queens is known as one of the most diverse places in the world, and Jackson Heights is the heart of the Pride movement in the borough.

“It’s where our Queens Center for Gay Seniors is located. It’s where many of the members live. It has always been the heart of this community. And it’s a parade that has historically been very warmly received in this community,” said Dennis Redmond, with the Queens Community House organization.

“And that’s what I love about Queens, very inclusive and never a problem with anything,” Jackson Heights resident Frank Fernandez said.

The parade transitioned into a dance party with performances. This year’s celebration also included a drag story hour.

Drag story hour has sparked a backlash in some communities, showing that while the LGBTQ+ community has progressed, the battle for equality is not over.

“And these people must be protected. I’m all with them,” said Sen. Charles Schumer.