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QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — A Queens woman bared it all in a YouTube video to spread a message about loving your body.

The  video begins with the statement “I hate my body,” and shows Kat Lazo examining herself in the mirror.

Audio plays over the video of girls talking and talking about body image and weight.

“I would hate to have legs like that,” one woman says.

In the description of the video, Lazo says she went through an emotional roller coaster and as a result, so did her weight.

Lazo says some people felt the need to criticize and judge her body’s change.

The criticism inspired her to take action.

“I decided to take to the street and bare it all in order to silence society’s pressure of beauty standards,” said Lazo.

The remainder of the video shows Lazo dancing and walking around her street completely naked.

Lazo took to her blog to write about why she created the video.

“Shaking like a leaf, I hit the streets with my skin colored bikini and danced everyones opinions of my weight off my shoulders,” Lazo wrote. “Whether it be a relationship or your body, change isn’t easy – it’s emotional.”