QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — Bike share has changed transit in the city during the past nine years. And even as Citi Bike continues its expansion, some of the original debates continue about the program.

The placement of the docks can lead to a reduced number of parking spaces, some claim. One bike rider said he walked twenty minutes to get to the nearest docking station in the Queens area that will see the next roll out.

Neighbors with the Juniper Park Civic Association created a proposal for the city to address potential issues. They found nearby sites on the sidewalk for 45 locations.

They acknowledge that the program could provide more transit options to an area known as a transit desert.

Transit deserts are located in areas that have fewer access points to subways. Commuters rely on buses and cars to get around, especially compared to neighborhoods with closer subway stops.

Christina Wilkinson walked the areas suggested by the Department of Transportation planners and created a proposal.

“I wanted them to close to what the DOT suggested. I found locations close by on sidewalk and that were not going to take up parking,” she said.

Councilmember Bob Holden hopes for a compromise.

“Now we have a problem with people parking illegally everywhere on corners and crosswalks. That’s even more dangerous,” he said.

Click here to see the recent presentations from NYC DOT about expansion in Queens and Brooklyn.

“Maintaining our Citi Bike station density is vital to ensure Queens residents have access to convenient and reliable service. We are always looking to strike the right balance and appreciate the feedback on our proposal, which we are reviewing,” said NYC DOT Spokesperson Vin Barone.

Comments will be taken through the spring with installations planned this year. People can also suggest docking spaces on the city website for future sites.

The city and MTA are also working with neighbors on the Queens Bus Route Redesign.