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QUEENS, New York (PIX11) –After nearly eight years, Prakash Churaman learned Monday that the criminal case against him is finally over.

Churaman told PIX11 News, “I’ve stated I was innocent since day one.”

In 2014, Churaman’s friend Taquane Clark was shot and killed during a three-person home invasion in Queens. While the suspects wore masks during the crime, a 74-year-old woman present at the time said she recognized Churaman’s voice. 

PIX11 spoke with Churaman’s defense attorney, Jose Nieves, last year and he explained that “earwitnesses are inherently unreliable.”

Churaman said he was a confused teen when he was brought into the precinct and questioned by detectives without his lawyer. Churaman confessed to playing a role in the crime, but later recanted, telling PIX11 News he was pressured, “these detectives interrogated me for hours.”

In 2018, Churaman was convicted of felony murder but his conviction was overturned two years later. Since then, Churaman has lived in legal limbo on house arrest waiting for prosecutors to re-try the case. 

During a court hearing Monday, Churaman learned the district attorney’s office will no longer move forward with the case.

“I woke up every day telling myself my time will come, my day will come,” Churaman told PIX11.