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LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens (PIX11) — Sometimes, the solution for improving student attendance can be as simple as a washing machine. Long Island city High School is hoping that opening up a free laundromat at school will improve attendance and build students’ self-esteem.

Their principal collaborated with community groups and sprung into action. Just this past month, the school opened up a massive, permanent school pantry in the school. It features two gigantic rooms, fully stocked with food and essential supplies. Every Friday, they have a distribution on campus, but the principal noticed something: Some kids weren’t taking laundry items, supposedly because they didn’t have the means to wash their own clothes at home.

The executive director of an educational nonprofit, Zone 126, is helping to coordinate the effort. It supports families living in NYCHA developments, specifically at the Astoria Ravenswood and Queensbridge houses. With over 2,000 students, the pantry is just the start. The goal is to open a laundromat by next year in the school.

If you want to help make it happen, you can give directly to Zone 126.