ASTORIA, Queens (PIX11) — A police officer shot a man while responding to a domestic dispute call in Queens Monday morning, according to officials.

The woman who made the call, Brianna Cortez, said she never wanted this to happen after calling for help. Cortez, the victim’s girlfriend, was in despair after watching her son’s father get shot in front of her.

An officer shot the 27-year-old man, who had a machete, at around 9:40 a.m., hitting him in the groin area, during the investigation of a domestic dispute in Astoria, police said. The officer sustained minor injuries, and the suspect was taken into police custody.

Officials said when officers arrived at the scene, they were told the man was still armed with a machete. Cortez had also advised that the man had taken a lot of pills, and said that he wanted to die.

In the hallway inside the apartment, officers attempted to place the man under arrest, police said based on a preliminary investigation. Officers used a Taser, but it did not have any effect, according to police.

Police also said the suspect was holding Cortez’s mother and confronting officers in the hallway. But Cortez has a different account.

“They came in hot,” she said. “They asked no questions. My mother even denied them access into the home and they pushed her.”

Cortez said her initial worry was the safety of her 3-year-old son, who she said is traumatized by the shooting. Officials have not specified where exactly the child was during the incident.

“This is why you don’t call NYPD for help,” she said, “they will take your kids away for shooting their father in front of them.”

The child is currently with his grandfather.

Officers immediately called an ambulance after the shooting, police said.

Police said the man and Cortez have a history of domestic disputes. The man was also arrested before for assaulting a police officer.

They have not yet said if the man was armed with the machete during the shooting. Police will review body camera footage.