QUEENS (PIX11) — Two NYPD officers saved a baby who had stopped breathing during a home birth in Queens Thursday morning, police said.

Officers Joseph Mollica and Christopher Green were around the corner when they got the emergency call and made it to the apartment in about 30 seconds, the cops said. Once there, they found the newborn baby on the bed and not breathing.

Officer Mollica and the midwife then started doing CPR and chest compressions until they got a pulse, he said.

“He’s kind of downplaying what he did,” Green said about his partner.

The midwife then cut the umbilical cord and the officers brought the baby boy downstairs before FDNY paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital, the cops said. Mollica rode with the paramedics to the hospital. The mother and child are doing well.

“The parents were very thankful we were there,” said Mollica, who used to be an FDNY EMT. “I’m thankful this was all around a great outcome.”