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QUEENS (PIX11) — Police have cracked down on commercial vehicles parked overnight illegally in southern Queens.

As part of an ongoing operation, the NYPD issued 597 summonses from Aug. 15 through Aug. 19, officials announced Monday. Police also attached 89 wheel clamps and towed 55 vehicles as part of operation Heavy Duty Enforcement.

“If you park commercial vehicles illegally, you will get ticketed, towed, or given the boot,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said. “For far too long, large commercial vehicles have been parking illegally in this neighborhood, disrupting daily life and contributing to noise, traffic, and pollution. We cannot let our neighborhood streets turn into illegal parking lots. I want every New Yorker to know your city is looking out for you and your quality of life.”

Large commercial vehicles are not allowed to park on residential streets between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. The operation began in response to community complaints, officials said. It spanned several neighborhoods in Queens.