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FLUSHING, Queens — Melba Nazario lives at the Bland Houses in Flushing says she saw rats fighting raccoons for trash.

“When I was walking my grandkids to the bus, I first saw three rats fighting two raccoons,” she said. “I pulled out my cellphone and only got the end of it.”

Nazario said when she tries to complain to the management office, it’s always closed.

“Seniors have to walk a mile away to go see a manager,” said Nazario.

A spokesperson for NYCHA said exterminators are treating the area every two weeks for any rodent issues, with the last treatment on Oct. 29. They are scheduling to address any raccoons at the development. The animals will be safely relocated. Also, all the garbage and trash around Senior Center have already been removed by staff, a spokesperson promised.

The Bland Houses’ office has been closed briefly due to a staffing shortage, a spokespersons aid. It will be reopening Dec. 4.

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