EAST ELMHURST, Queens (PIX11) – An event hosted by city officials and federal agencies was held at Queens Borough Hall on Tuesday to discuss preparedness for the upcoming hurricane season. But it was last year’s storm that residents wanted to talk about to remind those in charge that they are still waiting for assistance.

The destruction from Hurricane Ida was so devastating, about 100 families in New York City still don’t have homes and are staying in hotels.

“My parents, both seniors, have been displaced almost a year. They are not allowed to stay in the house because of a full vacate order issued by DOB in New York,” Amit Shivprasad said.

Ida devastated parts of the New York City region almost exactly a year ago. Queens was arguably the hardest hit.

On Tuesday evening, residents still dealing with the aftermath of the damage sounded off. There were more than 40 storm-related deaths in the New York/New Jersey area, including city residents who perished in basement apartments that flooded.

“My house got damaged. Thirty-five feet caved in. Two people died in the basement. It was like a tsunami,” Ramrattie Shivprasad said.

FEMA has approved more than 41,000 households in New York City and neighboring counties in the state for disaster assistance. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been earmarked to help residents recover and rebuild, but actually getting the money has been a challenge.

“We have been unable to get any help, including from the insurance company, the city, the state,” Amit Shivprasad said.

The City of New York told PIX11 News it is deploying every available resource to help those still displaced find permanent housing.