QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — Councilmember Julie Won and New York City Rat Czar Kathleen Corradi toured four different rat hotspots in Queens last week.

Corradi, the director of rodent mitigation, visited the Queensbridge Houses, Queensbridge Park, and the Woodside Houses on Thursday, to follow up on the protocols used to curb rat infestations in those areas. She also visited a construction site on Queens Boulevard in Sunnyside, which has been flagged for “rat activity and pervasive rat issues.”

NYCHA reported weekly rat treatments at the Queensbridge Houses using bait stations, pesticides, and carbon dioxide treatments. At the Woodside Houses, NYCHA converted a dirt crawl space into concrete to reduce rat burrowing.

The rat czar is also committed to working with the NYC Parks Department to address the rat issues at Queensbridge Park and is leading a multi-agency response at the construction site in Sunnyside, according to local officials.

“Rat infestations create unacceptable and uninhabitable conditions for our neighbors in their homes, parks, and businesses,” said Councilmember Won. 

Charline Charles is a digital journalist from Brooklyn who has covered local news along with culture and arts in the New York City area since 2019. She joined PIX11 News in 2022. See more of her work here.