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WOODSIDE, Queens (PIX11) — Memorial Day weekend is the traditional start of summer, but it’s also a time when violence often spikes within the five boroughs. This summer, there’s a new anti-violence effort trying to keep city streets safe.

K. Bain, who runs the Community Capacity Development Organization, united groups from across the five boroughs to launch Safe Summer 2022.

The goal of Safe Summer 2022? To build relationships between the city’s grassroots violence prevention groups and local residents. The hope is that by stepping up outreach, more people will come forward and share information about violence hotspots — giving violence interrupters opportunities to intervene.

“I come from the hotspots,” Bain said. “We are speaking and working from lived experience. We know how it goes when it goes left.”

Anti-violence groups from around the city signed up to participate in the event. Iesha Sekou, from Harlem’s Street Corner Resources, told PIX11 News that she sometimes feels discouraged witnessing violence, but also feels compelled to keep going.

“I know that hope is here,” Sekou said. “I know that every day that I go to work and I help my team to impact the lives of other young people.”