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FOREST HILLS, Queens – There’s a new view of a serial arsonist terrorizing the Queens neighborhood of Forest Hills, where at least seven fires have been intentionally set in less than two months.

A home surveillance camera is giving investigators their best glimpse yet of a man suspected of destroying new homes by burning them. The firebug seem to target buildings under construction, investigators said.

“He appears to be a young male of unknown ethnicity,” FDNY spokesman Robert Boyce said.

The video was taken this past Sunday, about the time of the seventh and most recent fire. In that case, a home on 69th Road was torched for the second time.

“I think it’s dreadful. I wouldn’t think anyone would be sick enough,” a neighbor said.

Earlier this week, another video was released of the hooded culprit, apparently surveying the damage after setting a home ablaze on 67th Drive on Thanksgiving Day.

In each of the fires, dating back to Oct. 20, the homes have been vacant and under construction.

Members of the large Bukharian Jewish community have been building bigger, more lavish houses, leading some to suspect they’re being targeted.

“All of a sudden another one goes and they build big houses and people don’t agree with what they’re doing,” another resident said.

Resident and community leaders held a meeting Tuesday afternoon condemning the arson attacks. A $62,000 is being offered by the community in order to catch the culprit.