RICHMOND HILL, Queens (PIX11) — More than a dozen cats were found dead in a Queens neighborhood over the weekend, weeks after five badly-beaten felines were rescued in the borough, rescuers said on Monday.

Fourteen cats were found lifeless on the side of the road on 102nd Street in Howard Beach on Saturday, prompting authorities to open an animal abuse investigation, according to the NYPD and Meagan Licari, president of Puppy Kitty NYC. The extent of their injuries is yet unknown.

“It was just devastating. So many little bodies. It was heartbreaking,” Licari said.

About two weeks ago, the organization rescued five injured cats in Richmond Hill. One of the felines suffered significant injuries to all four legs that needed to be amputated, but the animal was humanely euthanized instead, according to Licari.

Puppy Kitty NYC is taking care of two other cats that were possibly tortured. One feline named Juliette is in the hospital with injuries to all four paws and the other, Claire, is improving from wounds to her back feet, rescuers said. One of her back paws showed exposed bones.

“We are confident Claire is going to be ok. She does have a long road to recovery though,” the organization said in an Instagram post.

The other two cats are being housed at another facility.

“It’s scary out there,” Licari said.