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KEW GARDENS, Queens (PIX11) — The person who killed a mother of two left a haunting message to her husband, according to police sources: “Your whole family is next.”

Police are still trying to figure out who murdered Orsolya Gaal, and why. The 51-year-old woman was found in a duffle bag about half a mile from her home. The city medical examiner will determine her cause of death.

Sources told PIX11 News it happened while Gaal’s husband and one of her sons were away. She apparently told her youngest son she was going out to watch a show, but met up with another man instead.

At some point, the man killed Gaal in the basement of her home, put her in a duffel bag and dumped her body, police sources said.

Gaal’s family lives in a quiet Queens neighborhood.

“Nothing happens here,” neighbor John Blankson said.

But on Saturday morning, tragedy unfolded when Gaal’s body was found near Forest Park. Surveillance footage captured someone appearing to drag a duffle bag on the street hours before. According to sources, a trail of blood led police to Gaal’s home on Juno Street.

It’s left her community rattled.

“We’re very sad, and we can’t believe … something like this could happen on [our] block,” one neighbor told PIX11 News.

Blankson lives next door to Gaal’s family. He said their families were close, and would frequently go to each other’s houses.

PIX11 News learned both Gaal’s husband and eldest son were away at the time she was murdered. Her younger son was brought in for questioning, police said, and has since been released.

Gaal’s husband and son were on their way back to New York on Sunday.

A police investigation into the tragedy remained ongoing. There have been no arrests, and police did not point to a possible motive.