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FOREST HILLS, Queens (PIX11) — Residents of a Queens co-op building told PIX11 News it’s a neverending battle against dirt and dust. The culprit — a massive mound of dirt located on an ongoing construction site.

After six years, they said they’ve had enough.

“I want my life back,” resident Collette Smith said. “My neighbors deserve their lives back. Enough is enough.”

The construction vehicles at the site, located near the Van Wyck and Grand Central parkways, kick up debris in the yard, which causes dust to travel into nearby apartments. The residue is found on multiple surfaces throughout their homes.

“I don’t need to be breathing this stuff,” Connie Hemingway said. “I want to extend my life, not shorten it.”

Video sent to PIX11 News shows a disruptive construction site in Forest Hills, Queens. (Courtesy of Collette Smith)

Before the construction, residents said tall trees blocked out noise from the highways. Now, they’ve been destroyed, replaced by the noisy — and dirty — staging site.

The New York State Department of Transportation told PIX11 News they are “committed to being a good neighbor.”

“We appreciate the public’s patience as we work to expedite this transformational project, which is nearing completion and will enhance safety, reduce congestion and improve air quality for surrounding communities,” the state DOT said.

Residents are hoping that’s the case.

“I’ve lost six years of my life,” Smith said. “I now live in my home differently because of this.”