QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — Friends and family members of 13-year-olds Daniel Persaud and Ryan Wong said the teens were loved more than they knew. Hundreds gathered Monday night to say their goodbyes to the two teens, who lost their lives in a swimming accident Friday.

Police officials said the friends wandered onto a sandbar, which was initially in shallow water. But the tides can make water levels unpredictable in the Queens bay, and investigators believe that’s what caught the boys by surprise.

Persaud’s mother, Samantha Singh, said the boy “never did a single bad thing” in his life. Persaud and Wong headed to the beach Friday morning, she said, cutting class with other friends to enjoy an early summer day.

Family told PIX11 News both boys were overtaken by the water when a tide unexpectedly caused the level to rise. Neither of them knew how to swim.

A team of search and rescuers were quickly dispatched into the water, but by the time they found them, it was too late.

At the vigil Monday, mourners gathered, wearing the boys’ favorite color: green. There, they also scribbled words they wish they could have said to the boys on balloons, sending them up into the sky.

“If you’re listening, we all love you,” Persaud’s sister said, through tears. “Sleep in peace.”