CORONA, Queens (PIX11) — Queens is known as “the world’s borough” and a place that has a means for every taste.

Empanadas Cafe is a family-owned business in Corona on Van Doren Street and 108th Street. It has a new claim to fame with the best empanadas in the borough.

The Queens Chamber of Commerce created the competition this year. Hundreds of nominations were submitted online and then a period of voting was held in May.

Patricia Bernard and Luz Helena Bermudez are co-owners of Empanadas Cafe and have been in business for 20 years.

“This is an honor to be here for 20 years and have the commitment to quality. We hear it all the time and thank customers for the vote. This is for them,” said Bernard.

Tom Grech and the team at the Queens Chamber of Commerce believe the events get people talking about places to go in Queens.

“As we exit COVID, we look to our 6,000 restaurants and know that a thousand closed. We want to celebrate food and life,” Grech said.

Outside the cafe, people were lining up for breakfast, lunch and dinner empanadas. Regular customers congratulated the staff and new ones arrived as word spread on social media.

The best pizza slice was honored in February. That award went to Rocco’s of Roc Beach.

Chamber of Commerce planners are reviewing the menu for the next installment.