QUEENS (PIX11) — Mets fans were hopeful heading into Game 3 against the Padres Sunday night, but since the Amazins failed to advance, fans are already looking forward to 2023. 

The atmosphere outside City Field ahead of Sunday night’s game was positive and optimistic.  Die-hard Mets fan James LeBlanc was pregaming with his son, Matthew, in the parking lot. 

“I’ve been a Met fan my entire life,” James LeBlanc said. “I raised my son a Met fan. And I’ve been apologizing for the last 10 years, how being a Met fan you’ve gotta get used to getting all excited, getting all happy, and then they rip your heart out.” 

This year, he said, things were different. 

“We don’t win tonight, I guarantee next year we’ll be in the playoffs,” LeBlanc said. “They’re that good. We’re here to win. We’re taking over the Yankees. (The) Yankees are not running New York anymore. The New York Mets own New York now, moving forward. Period.” 

Matthew LeBlanc said it’s been a great season. 

“I mean, 101 wins, second best in team history,” he said. “They really held it together.” 

Other Mets fans certainly agreed. 

“It’s been a good season,” said Mets fan Keith Aurelio. “This is a winning team.“ 

“I trust this team,” said fan Keith Green. “I trust the team, the chemistry, [Mets manager] Buck Showalter. It’s a great organization.”