QUEENS, N.Y. (PIX11) — This cat has eight lives left.

A lucky feline survived after she was hit by a car while darting across the eastbound lanes of the Grand Central Parkway, near LaGuardia Airport, at around 1 p.m. Tuesday, according to John DeBacker, vice president of Long Island Cat and Kitten Solution. The young, multi-colored cat had no broken bones and was released from the hospital with minor injuries, he said.

“I thought she was a goner. I’m surprised she survived,” DeBacker told PIX11 News on Wednesday.

DeBacker said he named the cat Miracle. If the furry feline is feral, she will be placed in a sanctuary. If she’s friendly, the organization will try to find her a home.

“This cat is incredibly lucky,” he said.

Miracle, the cat. (Photo courtesy of Long Island Cat & Kitten Solution)

DeBacker was trying to rescue the cat, which was stranded on the center median of the parkway before she bolted into traffic. DeBacker’s body camera footage showed the cat sitting on the divider until she saw him approach with a net and got spooked.

The kitty then ran across the highway and was hit in the third lane, the video showed. DeBacker climbed over the divider and stopped oncoming traffic so he could quickly grab her, he said. The cat was then taken to the veterinarian.

“We knew this was a risky situation but we had no choice,” he said of the rescue.

Animals often wander onto New York City highways at night when there is less traffic but sometimes get stranded during the day, DeBacker said. Most animals don’t typically survive such an ordeal.