ASTORIA, Queens (PIX11) — Artificial intelligence, long a subject of science fiction, is now part of everyday living.

The technology is utilized in manufacturing, medical research, finance and national security. Now, AI algorithms are being programmed to park your car.

Parking your car has never been as easy as at the Rowan Garage in Astoria, Queens. Once you drive your vehicle onto a pallet, AI takes over. It scans and measures the car to determine its size and shape before lowering it three levels to its allotted parking space.

“The system utilizes advance technology and sensors to park the car without any human interaction,” John Petras, managing principal of Rockfarmer Properties, which developed the system, explained.

The pallet turns and moves to position the vehicle in its designated spot.

The automated system that gently positions the vehicles provides around 50% more space than offered at a more traditional garage. The developers said they could place up to 96 cars in the Queens facility, located beneath a new apartment building. The operators said AI technology is more efficient and cost-effective and a perfect tool for automated parking.

“You’re not going to have any dinks or scratches because your car is never touched by anyone,” Petras noted. “There’s no emission because car engines aren’t running because no human is driving the cars to their designated parking space.”

Drivers use a kiosk or a mobile app for payment and to retrieve their vehicles.

A unique feature of this AI technology is that it recognizes the driver’s usage pattern.

“If it knows you’re not using your car during the week, it will tend to put your car in a more remote spot. If it recognizes that you take it out on weekend, it will cue it up and have it ready to go faster for you.” Petras told PIX11 News. “I feel a lot safer that no one is in my car. I lock it up and my car gets taken away underground, where it’s nice and safe.”

Petras thinks this is the future for parking, particularly in cities like New York, where space is scarce.

“Sites like this are a great way to go,” Petras said.

The developer is planning more artificial intelligence garages in New York. He considers them game-changers that are revolutionizing parking.