QUEENS (PIX11) — Dozens of Queens parents have come to rely on a monthly distribution of diapers and baby essentials at the The Harding Ford Vision baby food in Jamaica, but amid an ongoing shortage, it’s become a place to vent, strategize, and share stories about their struggle to find baby infant for their babies. 

LaNeda Mondesir, the executive director of The Harding Ford Vision Baby program, helps over 80 families each month get diapers and baby essentials thanks to City Harvest. Monesir says now her focus has shifted. Her office has been flooded with call from families who need baby formula now. She’s even getting calls from hospitals and high schools that need formula.  

“Its a desperate situation when you see a mom in line and they are calling me 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s nothing like a crying baby in the house,” said Mondesir. 

Mondesir says the community stepped up during the COVID pandemic. Now it’s a network of moms who will make it happen.  

“You can drop off formula, a financial donation, anything can help a single mom who is struggling,” said Mondesir. 

If you can help, email Thfv@thfv.org or go to the Harding Ford Vision website. If you need diapers or want to give, go to the City Harvest site.