NEW YORK (PIX11) — There are many sights to see in New York City. But a public restroom can be one of the most difficult locations to find, especially if the moment calls for it.

New York City Council has been working on a plan to add more facilities citywide. It’s part of a bigger conversation about the use of open space in all the boroughs.

The legislation calls for the city to evaluate conditions by zip code.

Earlier this summer, New York City Council member Rita Joseph (D-Flatbush) introduced a bill to address public restrooms and require the city to consider new locations. More than 650 are estimated to be in city parks citywide.

This week, the legislation was approved by the council transportation and infrastructure committee.

A bill from New York City Council member Carlina Rivera (D-East Village) also requires the city to evaluate greenways and identify uses for open space.

If it passes the full council, the mayor would have to sign it and would designate city agencies to identify and review areas in all zip codes. That would have to happen no later than December 2023.

It also would requires public comment and community input.