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Residents in the tri-state area woke up to the first nor’easter of the season, which brought steady rain and heavy winds across the region.

Some neighborhoods are still trying to recover from Hurricane Ida’s deadly flooding, and even though this storm isn’t expected to bring that much water, the damage is already done.

Public Advocate Jumaane Williams outlined a plan to fix the city’s flooding issue and told PIX11 News many New Yorkers were definitely on edge ahead of the nor’easter.

The city needs to make sure there is an emergency plan in place to ensure people get out of their homes and buildings when needed, according to the public advocate.

He also said the city needs to push for financial assistance and grants for those with basement apartments.

Under the proposal, Williams said apartments would be under evacuation orders and plans would be in place to ensure the safety of residents come another storm. He wants to make sure everyone has the information on when it is time for them to move to higher levels for safety.

When asked whether or not people should be living in basement apartments in the first place, Williams said the city currently has not choice but to allow it because of the current affordable housing issue.

“These are regular storms that we’re going to have in NYC,” Williams said.

He hopes to get more New Yorkers ready for evacuation plans as the city is not yet used to evacuation plans parts of the state see.

Communication is going to help them get ready, according to Williams.

Exploratory run for governor

The public advocate said his exploratory is “going well” and he’s getting a lot of attention.

Williams said additional information may come up in the coming days.