NEW YORK (PIX11) — Students in New York City are getting free help to get into college and be guided to their dream careers.

Bottom Line, a national nonprofit based in Brooklyn, just got a multi-million dollar boost after a donation from Mackenzie Scott. The nonprofit has a team in Downtown Brooklyn partnering with students, helping them navigate the often complicated financial aid system, apply for scholarships. The nonprofit also helps match them to the best colleges for their budget. 

Fardin Muhit, a 20-year-old Bronx resident, is a sophomore at CUNY Hunter College. He’s in their nursing program. He says it’s a life’s dream come true. Muhit is the first-generation in his family to go to college in the US; his parents are from Bangladesh. But he says the process to getting to his college dream was not easy. 

During Muhit’s senior year in high school, his guidance counselor at the Manhattan Village Academy referred him to Bottom Line. The organization works mostly with first-generation college students from low-income communities. 

Students are paired up with an advisor to help them with everything from completing applications to applying for financial aid and writing their college essay. The nonprofit also connects students to mental health support. 

Victoria Coker, their managing director of programs, says they have an over 90 percent success rate in getting students into college. After the donation from Scott, Bottom Line’s goal now is to expand and serve 20,000 students across the country by 2030. 

If you want to learn more about Bottom Line’s free college support services and programs, click here.