JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) – With or without an E-ZPass, toll hikes are not easy on everyone.

“It just keeps going up,” said Jerry, a Jersey City resident. 

Starting Sunday, tolls at the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel and other Port Authority crossings are going up.

Across the board, tolls for cars are raising by a dollar: the toll for off-peak hours goes up to $12.75; for peak hours, $14.75; and for those who use toll-by-mail, your toll will come out to be $17.

“It’s above where I feel it should be,” said Jerry, 75, who says about 20% of his income goes to tolls. “You got somebody who’s living on SSI and needs the money they get in every month. This is a big hit.”

The hike was approved last month by the Port Authority board, which said toll increases are an automatic inflation adjustment, part of its proposed more than $8 billion budget for 2023.

Congressman Josh Gottheimer has been outspoken on toll hikes, including the MTA’s proposed congestion pricing. He says it’s his hope the revenue helps New Jersey roads.

“You look at the totality of costs, and I worry a lot about those who are hardworking families in Jersey and their ability to afford to commute,” said Gottheimer.

“Might as well go up to a hundred dollars a toll. You know?” said Jerry. “What’s the difference? Because it’s not going to affect certain people. So there should be some distribution in there for older folks like me.”