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The global supply chain is in disarray.

It has been all over the news: some products may not be available or there could be delays.

While the busiest ports in the United States are on the west coast, the Port of New York and New Jersey ranks number three.

They’re working overtime to keep things moving. Delays have not been a major issue at Port Authority locations at Newark-Elizabeth. 

That’s despite 20% more containers being processed. 

“We are doing as much as we can portside to keep operations running smoothly, from constant communications with our port stakeholders such as the trucking industry, the logistics services, warehousing industry representatives and container terminal operators,” said Sam Ruda, director of the Port Department at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which operates the seaport. 

There have been infrastructure upgrades at the New York and New Jersey port facilities, including deeper navigation channels, new gates and improved terminals. 

Most ships are pulling right in to spots at the facility. The average wait, when there is one, has been less than a day and a half. That’s despite the record-setting highs in cargo activity for the past consecutive 13 months.

Ken Thorpe is Chairman and CEO of NYTDA Logistics and the NY Trucking & Delivery Association.

He says in the future things will move even faster.