NEW YORK (PIX11) — Nearly 50% of registered New Yorkers list one issue as their main concern: Crime.

According to a poll from Quinnipiac University, 49% of New York City voters listed crime as their number one issue. The two next highest issues — affordable housing and homelessness — were cited by 15% and 12% of voters, respectively.

No other issue listed in the poll hit double digits.

Voters’ opinions on crime also impact their opinion of Mayor Eric Adams, the poll found. Thirty-seven percent of city voters said they disapprove of how the mayor is handling his job; 43% said they approve, and 20% did not disclose their feelings.

“Mayor Adams gets a positive score on his job performance, but it’s tepid,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Mary Snow wrote. “The biggest weight on his numbers: crime. It’s by far the most urgent issue and voters are holding him accountable.”

On his handling of crime, Adams received a 54% disapproval rating; that’s compared to a 35% disapproval rating in February.

“In the wake of April’s mass shooting on the subway along with an increase in major crimes, confidence slips in the Mayor being able to reduce gun violence,” Snow added.

Adams met with the NYPD’s top leaders April 30 to discuss what to do heading into the summer months, when crime typically surges.

The poll covered registered voters representing all political parties, races, genders, age groups, and boroughs.