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NEW YORK — The governors of the tri-state area have been working together over the past few months to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, there’s one thing the three leaders cannot agree on: Which state has the best pizza?

A new list of the “101 Best Pizzas in America” released by “The Daily Meal” claimed the best slice could be found in New Haven, Connecticut at Frank’s Pepe Pizzeria.

That gave Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont bragging rights. He tweeted an article and wrote “Best pizza in the US.”

However, that didn’t sit too well with the other two tri-state governors.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy responded “Stay in your lane, Ned.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo later chimed in, “Um. Guys. You can slug it out for second place. We all know who’s number one.”

Both New York and New Jersey had several pizzerias pop up on the article’s list.

Of course, people shared their opinions on social media as to which state reigns supreme in the pizza debate.

The official Twitter account of New Jersey tweeted a simple “hello” when PIX11 asked who had the better pizza.

Twitter user @notinotasnet said “NY of course,” while Bill Brennan said “Jersey and it’s not debatable.”

Another Twitter user said, “The worst Pizza in New York is still better that any Pizza in Jersey or CT.”

While many went back and forth between New York and New Jersey, others joked around, saying they didn’t even know Connecticut had pizza.

Though many had their own opinions, Twitter user @MaidMelba responded, respecting all three states: “We all have good pizza.”