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NEW YORK — Exclusive images obtained by PIX11 show the first photos purported to be Harvey Weinstein post conviction. Weinstein is seen inside Bellevue Hospital watching television Friday morning, seated in a leather chair with a wheelchair next to him.

Weinstein was brought to NYC Health and Hospitals/Bellevue on Monday after he was found guilty of third-degree rape and criminal sex act in the first degree. He was checked out for heart palpitations and high blood pressure, according to his attorneys, but has remained at Bellevue ever since.

“He is walking with the aide of a wheelchair,” a source tells PIX11. “He is holding on to its handles to go to the TV room, using it as a walker, where he spent about an hour this morning and then walked himself back.”

Speaking on a condition on anonymity, the source said Weinstein is getting around the clock protection by Department of Correction ESU (Emergency Service Unit) officers who flank him on both sides anytime he moves from his hospital room to another location.

“He is free to roam and is not handcuffed,” the source said. “He is being treated like any other person.”

The source said his walker that had previously been used when entering court had been removed once Weinstein was placed in protective custody.

The source added that it’s very clear “Harvey does not want to go to Rikers.”

Speaking by phone to PIX11’s Dan Mannarino, Weinstein’s attorney Arthur Aidala said he last saw Harvey on Tuesday and did not speak about his health. He was planning on meeting with his client inside Bellevue Friday evening.

“We have not talked about him going to Rikers Island, it is not our decision,” Aidala said. “He is concerned about the case and he is making sure what can be done is being done to continue moving forward in clearing his name. “

The Department of Corrections has confirmed only that “Harvey Weinstein is currently in the custody of the New York City Department of Correction and health care is provided as appropriate.” They would not comment on when or if Harvey is expected to be moved to Rikers Island.

Earlier this week, Aidala had told PIX11 that Weinstein was “confident in the appellate and judicial system that he will be exonerated.”

Weinstein faces up to 29 years in prison.