NEW YORK (PIX11) — An artist who goes by the name Persian Poet creates signs on New York City sidewalks that people passing by may or may not be looking for.

The anonymous artist is working to redefine poetry and street art while honoring her Iranian culture.

It all started after the pandemic when she pushed through times during a career pivot and the end of a relationship.

“Through all the turmoil the one thing that kept me grounded was writing,” she said.

She took to the streets to find a sign – anything that would tell her that she’s going in the right direction, but she came up empty-handed.

“That’s when I realized it was a sign for me to make those signs because if I’m looking for them, other people must be looking for them too,” she added.

With a stack of spray paint and markers, of course laid out on a Persian rug, she set out to the streets for creative expression.

By using epigrams and aphorisms – short and concise expressions – she’s touched and reached thousands of people through words of healing and they continue to tag her daily on her Instagram.

Some of her work reads, “You can’t catch blessings if you’re holding onto grudges,” and “If you want to bloom, water yourself.”

The simple messages hold deep meaning and she hopes those who read them in passing find what they’re looking for.

“In this creation, it really became this sanctuary of where I can express my trauma, my pain, tragedy and turn it into triumph,” she said.

In her bedroom is a stack of inspiration: works by some of the most influential poets, Rumi and Hafez – the original Persian poets from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Her work has gone global with a European tour and art residency. She’s also working on a book to expand her message with more words of healing beyond the unintentional discovery on a city sidewalk.

“To see people actually pause, read, and stop in their chaotic day to find some grounding is one of the most rewarding things in the world,” she said.

Looking ahead to the future, she doesn’t know if will always remain anonymous but right now, she is because she wants to the focus to be on her message and not on herself.