NEW YORK (PIX11) — Passover, the weeklong holiday celebrating the Hebrews’ emancipation from Egypt, begins next week.

This year, Passover starts on the evening of April 5 and ends on the evening of April 13.

On the first two nights of Passover, a seder meal featuring gefilte fish, matzah ball soup, brisket, and potato kugel is often served, according to Food Network. The tradition also includes drinking four cups of wine and eating bitter herbs while recounting the story of Exodus, according to the Almanac.

During Passover, also called Pesach, some Jews do not work or go to school, and candles are lit every night, according to the Almanac.

The week is also a holy time for Christians. Easter lands on Sunday, April 9.

New York City schools are closed for spring break from April 10 to April 14, but students are getting two extra days off on April 6 and 7 for the Passover holiday, according to the Department of Education’s school calendar.