NEW YORK (PIX11) — A new park is in the works along the East River.

The East River Greenway is being built from barges that have docked along the FDR between 53rd and 61st Streets. The new stretch of pedestrian and bike paths is set to open in 2023.

It will connect to the promenade. This is part of plans to create paths around the island of Manhattan.

There are still gaps in the loop around Manhattan. There are projects that need attention uptown.

In 2017, the city administration at the time pledged $100 million to the greenway project. NYC’s Economic Development Corporation is coordinating.

Visitors along the promenade in East Harlem at East 114th Street are seeing signs that say “Danger Do Not Enter.”

In some areas the promenade needs reinforcements in East Harlem. In 2019, the city Parks Department announced $75 million for the area north of the new project. That includes $25 million for the location that has been closed for years between 114th and 117th Streets.