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NEW YORK — City Council leaders have stalled a vote on a bill that would make class sizes smaller at New York City schools

Teachers, parents and students rallied Thursday, asking the Council to vote for the bill. The proposed legislation has the support of 40 lawmakers.

The bill is supported by the United Federation of Teachers, President Michael Mulgrew told PIX11 News in November.

“We know in the end you get better educational outcomes,” Mulgrew said. “The thing is, they don’t want to make it a priority because they don’t want to have to do it.”

The goal is to have one person per 35 square feet of classroom, which is more than double the current health code standard. That would allow anywhere from 14 to 21 students in the classroom.

It would require the city purchasing or leasing new educational space or adding access to buildings as well as hiring about 13,000 new teachers.

The City Council could vote on the bill in December.