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NEW YORK — On day three of early voting, New Yorkers lined up before sunrise. At the Barclays Center, the line stretched down the sidewalk of Flatbush Avenue. The first person in line arrived before 5 a.m.

The doors opened at 7 a.m. for New Yorkers looking to cast their ballots. Brooklynite Jon Rothstein brought his daughter with him to vote.

“I want to make sure I get it done. I don’t want to let anything else get in the way of it,” he said.

New Yorkers turned out in even greater numbers for Sunday’s early vote than they did when the process began Saturday, according to the New York City Board of Elections.

Brooklyn continues to lead the pack, with another 31,000+ voters Sunday for a weekend total of 61,315. Manhattan and Queens both more than doubled their Saturday total, going up to 40,838 and 40,278 votes cast, respectively. That was followed by the Bronx (over 15,000 Sunday, two-day total of 30,484) and Staten Island (over 10,000 Sunday, two-day total of 21,000).

Overall, 193,915 people have voted in New York. There were 93,830 votes cast on Saturday, meaning 100,085 voted on Sunday.

New York City residents have eight more days to vote early, with the last day to cast a ballot before Nov. 3 being next Sunday, Nov. 1.

In New Jersey, which has been accepting mail-in ballots for some time, over 2.5 million have already voted, according to Gov. Phil Murphy.

That’s over 63% of the state’s 2016 vote total.