NEW YORK (PIX11) — NYCHA CEO Greg Russ will be stepping down on Feb. 10. 

Russ has headed up NYCHA since 2019, first as CEO and chair, and then just as chair when the roles were split late in 2022.

“We have the tools to go on to the next level to save housing. We have to use them,” said Russ.

Russ’ hiring was controversial from the start. There was public outage over his more than $410,000 salary, which is about a dollar a resident.

The role of NYCHA chair could now become part-time and compensated through a stipend, according to a statement from New York and New Jersey regional HUD Administrator Alicka Ampry-Samuel. Some estimate repairs in NYCHA right now to be a whopping $40 billion, and it’s climbing every day.

“HUD, Southern District of NY, City, the Monitor and NYCHA are discussing the recommendations in the March 2021 Transformation Plan about the Chair position at NYCHA becoming part-time and compensated through a stipend,” Ampry-Samuel told PIX11 News. “Details such as timing and stipend amount are still under discussion. By having NYCHA’s Chair be part-time, NYCHA’s governance reflects the public housing industry norm of having a part-time chair. Per the Settlement Agreement, HUD, SDNY and the City are all involved in the appointment of the Chair.”