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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Mayor-elect Eric Adams has called New York City’s public schools its greatest embarrassment.

“Our schools are segregated,” he said. “I believe they are segregated intentionally — it’s not just by accident.”

Specifically, the soon-to-be mayor said city schools “intentionally overload students who have academic challenges into certain schools.”

Inside Brooklyn’s Science Skills Center High School on Friday, Adams outlined the educational priorities of his administration. Adams said an overhaul is long overdue, pointing specifically to wanting a student’s school quality to not be determined by their zip code.

Speaking directly to educators, Adams called for shift in how funds are allocated, declaring more funding will go directly into classrooms to support the basic needs of students and their families.

“We must remove the barriers to education,” Adams said previously.

Adams and his administration will inherit a school district that has been impacted by COVID-19 for a third academic year. Last weekend, he said he hopes the city will be able to lift the mask mandate for students later this year. As for vaccinations, he said he believes in mandates and will follow guidance from state officials.