NEW YORK (PIX11) — Roll out the strollers.

The MTA is launching an open stroller pilot program on a number of New York City buses this week, officials said. Buses on the M31, B1, Bx23, Q50, Q12, S53 and S93 routes will start being outfitted with designated space for one open stroller. By early October, each bus on those routes will have designated stroller space.

“When I first arrived, I said we need to try a stroller policy that works for customers and it can’t take years, we need it now,” NYC Transit President Richard Davey said. “This pilot comes at the right time for stroller moms, stroller dads and others who need to bring toddlers onto buses and aligns with our North Star to improve customer satisfaction.” 

Buses in the pilot have stroller decals on the side. The pilot is expected to last for six months. In total, 142 buses serve the seven routes in the pilot. Current stroller policy will remain in effect for buses not in the pilot.

The stroller space on each bus depends on the bus model. There will be either open space near the rear door or a space created by flipping up two side-by-side seats.