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BROOKLYN, NY (PIX11) — An off-duty police officer allegedly went on a racist tirade and repeatedly punched a drunken ride-hail driver during a road rage incident in Brooklyn on Sunday, police sources told PIX11 News on Monday.

The incident happened near Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue around 8 p.m. In an NYPD memo obtained by PIX11 News, officer Riggs Kwong, 50, called the driver a “terrorist” and yelled  “Al Qaeda!” “Mohammed!” and “ISIS!” during the incident. 

The ordeal began when Kwong and ride-hail driver Abdul Motalab, who is of Middle Eastern descent, both tried to make a U-turn. Kwong allegedly prevented Motalab from turning and the incident quickly escalated. 

Witnesses said Motalab cut in front of Kwong’s car. At one point, both men got out of their vehicles and Motalab allegedly spat at Kwong. Irate, Kwong allegedly punched Motalab multiple times, knocked him to the ground, and continued to pummel the man. 

Police arrested both men. Motalab was charged with driving while intoxicated. Kwong was charged with assault and suspended from the police department without pay.

Kwong joined the NYPD in 2004. In 2017, he was docked 30 vacation days and placed on dismissal probation for a year after he was found guilty of violating departmental rules for working a second job without permission and using stamps that were owned by the city.