NEW YORK (PIX11) — How do more frequent MTA trains and a smaller fare hike sound?

These are some of the proposed initiatives that were given the green light by the assembly as part of a multi-million dollar deal passed in next year’s budget.

Starting this summer, the MTA will roll out a new service schedule that will have more trains running to decrease headways during the week, and most notably on the weekends. Many lines going from ten to eight minutes wait between trains.

Also, as part of the budget deal just passed riders will not see as steep of a fare increase. While not clear when​ yet — a single ride will go up 4 percent or about 10 cents more. Finally, the agency will try to cut down on bus fare evasion by starting a program to have five bus lines free to ride.

Also, Twitter has reversed course and is no longer going to charge governments and some other accounts to post crucial alerts. The MTA says it’s assessing whether it will go back to tweeting service changes as it has become an unreliable tool.