MIDTOWN, Manhattan (PIX11) – The NYPD’s search continued Friday for a suspect in a Midtown, Manhattan traffic stop that ended with an officer being struck by a car.

Police sources told PIX11 News they’re looking for a 49-year-old man from North Carolina. 

The chaos unfolded around 4:50 p.m. Wednesday. According to investigators, the driver fled a traffic stop at West 38th Street and Seventh Avenue after allegedly providing police with fake documents. He was stopped again by police at East 30th Street, between Madison and Park avenues, however, the driver suddenly reversed and sped away, hitting an officer in the process, per the NYPD. The police officer suffered a head injury and was hospitalized in stable condition.

During his escape, the driver smashed into vehicles, through a dining shed, and knocked over a street sign and a fire hydrant. 

Alfredo Mota recorded the entire ordeal that unfolded during the evening rush hour commute, after getting out of the path of destruction.

“I had a feeling he wasn’t going to stop, like the way he was trying to stop, so I got out in case I don’t get hurt, and left the car in the middle of the street,” said Mota.

The suspect was last seen running from the scene toward nearby apartment buildings. Police said the suspect’s Cadillac had fake temporary license plates.